Reverse Psychology

(Running) “What an ugly weather this is. Why should we go up this hill just now?” – “You’re right. Let’s just sit here.” – “You’re right, this would be a completely stupid thing to do. Glad you’re finally sane.” (Outside:) “Why are we structured this way?!”

Two comics in one week – hooray for new year’s resolutions! As usual, Schlogger and her comic collab about “Nicht” (“Not”) did the trick. Other people participating this time: Skizzenblog / Isla Volante / Badham / Rainer Unsinn / Kritzelkomplex / Till Laßmann / Art’n’Illus / Zweithirn / Lisa Neun / Schaf und Verstand / Team O Comics / Pepperworth / Apfelhase / Dramatized Depiction / Katrin Felder / Jewel Tales / Jules Tagebuch / Sylvaroth / Regenmonster / BTW / Schisslaweng (list will be updated until tomorrow)