Speed Date

(Biking) “Hello! Wanna race? Who’s first at the last house!” … “Yay first!” … “My bike has five gears and yours?” – These things just don’t happen when you go by train.

Whew, this was close: half an hour before deadline, here’s my entry for the current comic collab about being “Unterwegs” (“on the road”, very roughly translated), started by Schlogger as usual. The other drawings are here: Isla Volante / Skizzenblog / Rainer Unsinn / Kritzelkomplex / BTW / TeamO / Hybrid Art / Online Comics / Pumpkin 2 / Dramatized Depiction / Eulalia the Oovl / Blogrovic / Studio Herzschlag / Schaf und Verstand / Frau Zucker / Olgfversum / Schmetterlingshase / Badham / Zeitgleich / Mal-Gries / Anna Spies / Comiccabin / SalzLolly (yet another master of procrastination).