And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Category: Shower Talk

Or I’ll just end up walkin’

(Biking) What did we learn this weekend? (1) In autumn it’s getting dark surprisingly early. (2) For nightly repair works a headlamp would be advantageous. (3) No worries, everything is so good.

I feel pretty

(Biking) “You look like you’re mountain biking a lot.” – “Yeah, why?” – “Your legs.” – [That must be my lovely calf muscles] – “All these bruises. And the dirt, too.”

Tested For You: Being a Bike Guide (3)

(Biking) Were there any learning targets? (1) “I’ve worn my helmet all day today!” – “…and not just now, to make me shut up. Well done.” (2) “Can we go on another hill or will you die then?” – “Yeah, we can. I won’t die until I’m at the top.” – I’ve got no idea. Anyway, we hit them all.

I tried really hard. After two weeks I knew all the names. After ten weeks I could tell my chicks apart by their freewheel noises. Nice!